GoCash Brand Identity Design and Case Study

Back in 2020 I was approached on Dribbble by the founder Amr Barakat who was in need of a Brand Identity for the app they were about to launch in a couple of months, After discussing details and determining scope of work we agreed on developing and working on the logo design for the app, which needed to reflect the company culture which was about helping people and making sure they have access to an easy way to withdraw cash from their account, anywhere, fast and secure, cheaper than standard ATM fees.

Here are some shortlisted Sketches from the initial exploration phase.

And here is some of the progress and iterations while working on the best options

Presented Option No.1

Based on the elements of Cash + Thunder to accent on the idea

of fast and reliable transactions that GoCash offers

Presented Option No.2

For this proposal I tried to develop a mark that would convey the message

of fast transactions as well represented by folded cash that also make up

an arrow, accompanied by techy colors.

After receiving feedback from the client, we discussed the concepts and agreed

on the fact that No. 2 is the most suitable one but needs to be revised further,

So I have quickly sketched out some ideas that had Concept No.2

as a starting point but in a more simplified version (Left)

In response the client got back to me with an idea (Right) of integrating the

location mark into the money symbol as this is an important aspect of the app

since people who want to withdraw cash will be looking for the closest merchant

store where they can get their desired amount in a few simple steps

Some progress for this option

Finalised Concept that I have sent to the client

After reviewing the concept with the Location mark and Cash we both agreed it was good but it did not translate well enough what the app was about, So we decided to go back to initially sent Concept No.2 and try to modify it by reducing some of the elements for a cleaner look and relying on the motif of barcode / scan / QR code which is how the users will gain access to the cash, Here’s how it works:

— Specify the amount needed to be cashed out

— Check the Map for the closest Dispenser ( merchant )

— After arriving at the shop scan the QR code

— Receive your money

Exploring some color options

Final and approved logo version

Brand Guidelines pages where I outline how the logo and identity needs

to be used across a wide range of areas and surfaces

Original Article by Mihai Dolganiuc Design Click Here.

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