GoCash connects people

"We connect people who have cash with people who need cash."


Network Building

Gocash is Jordanian fintech startup that enables every shop in the neighborhood to act as a "virtual ATM" using just a smartphone or its POS-system. It democratizes the process of cash distribution in order to reduce the "cost of cash".



Smart algorithm and an amazing user experience

Gocash is a location-based matchmaking platform that connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash — typically a local shop owner. It builds a community around local businesses and helps them generate physical leads. 2 - Smart al-gorithm and an amazing user experience.

revenue stream.png


Leads and new revenue stream.

Local shops will not only have less cash to manage at the end of the day but also earn a commission & at-tract new customers by offering a new service and having access to an additional marketing channel.


User Convenience

user convenience.png

Individuals can avoid an extra trip to the ATM and withdraw money at the click of a button — wherever they are in a restaurant, a cafe, their favorite local shop,


Scale and expansion.


banks and E-wallets can reduce ATM operation costs & complement their ATM network — or even enter new markets without investing significant capital. On top of that, they can leverage a new revenue channel and get closer to their customers.